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Coat Care that will just shine through – An article for Horse & Country Magazine written by one of our vets, Judi.

Read the full article which appeared in the Summer 2017 edition of the magazine. Loads of useful information on keeping your horse’s coat tip top and in show condition.

Care of the competition horse – what’s muscle got to do with it?

The muscle cover of competition horses is often scrutinised as a sign of fitness and desirable appearance; but do we really know what we are looking for when assessing this and why? And what is the best way to get equine muscles in optimal condition? This article takes a look at equine muscles in more detail and offers advice on how to ensure your competition horse is fit for his job. Click here

Feeding horses during periods of rest and recuperation

Click here

Feeding older horses

It’s no secret that the population of older horses appears to be increasing, with many of these horses continuing to be active well into their twenties. As your horse ages, they may become less efficient at digesting protein and fibre with the result that the absorption of vitamins and minerals, particularly phosphorus can be reduced. This means that you must consider modifications to their diet to ensure that they receive all of the necessary nutrients to keep them in good health. A balanced diet that combines plenty of good quality forage with low starch concentrate feed, supplemented with an adequate supply of highly digestible quality protein, is pivotal to good health and ensures that older horses can enjoy a long, healthy life. Click here

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