About The Equine Eye Clinic

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The Equine Eye Clinic is a dedicated Equine Ophthalmology referral service which works in association with Rowe Equine Ltd. Set up in 2003 by senior Ophthalmologist and partner in the Rowe Veterinary Group, Tim Knott, the Equine Eye Clinic deals with a wide range of equine eye conditions from cataracts to cancer. Tim works with a talented team of Veterinary surgeons with post-graduate qualifications in Ophthalmology and Equine practice to treat horses from all over the UK.

What does the Equine Eye Clinic do?

The Eye Clinic is a consultancy service which works along side your normal veterinary surgeon. Working by referral only we provide a wide range of state of the art diagnostic and surgical procedures including:

  • Cataract surgery and implantation of prosthetic intra-ocular lenses

  • Laser surgery for the management of glaucoma.

  • Corneal grafting and transplantation techniques.

  • Intra-ocular sustained delivery drug device implantation for the management of recurrent uveitis

  • Ocular oncology

  • Orbital prosthetic placement post standing enucleation

  • Electro-retinography, slit lamp biomicroscopy, tonometry and ocular ultrasonography.

Cases are seen and treated at our clinic at Rowe Equine as the all important follow up care can be more be easily provided. Rowe Equine provides the majority of our anaesthesia, hospitalisation and medical support and are happy to admit urgent and non-urgent cases at short notice for preliminary investigation and treatment in close collaboration with the ophthalmology team.

Rowe Equine also provides financial services (invoicing, insurance claims and payment services) on behalf of the Equine Eye Clinic.

Go to the Equine Eye Clinic website www.equineeyeclinic.co.uk