Rowe Equine Services

Routine Equine Veterinary Care

This includes vaccinations, health checks, teeth rasping, worming and nutrition advice etc. We also offer an Equine Health Plan which includes vaccinations, an annual health check, wormers and a teeth rasp. This can be paid for annually in advance of monthly, saving you 20% overall. For more details of the Health Plan, Click Here.



Pre-purchase Examinations

A pre-purchase examination (also known as a ‘vetting’) can help a potential purchaser determine, as far as is possible by clinical examination, whether a horse or pony is suitable for the intended use. There are two types of pre-purchase examination – a ‘two stage’ and a ‘five stage’. For further information about PPEs, Click Here.



Lameness Investigation

Thorough, in-depth, lameness evaluations take place at the hospital where we have a purpose built ‘work up’ area and full examination facilities. Investigations may include nerve blocks and joint blocks, usually followed up by diagnostic imaging such as x-rays and ultrasound scans. Lameness investigations may include lengthy examinations procedures and sometimes different tests on different days so occasionally may require a stay in hospital.



Surgical Procedures

Procedures such as castrations, ophthalmic surgery, joint injections, kissing spine surgery & sarcoid treatment etc. can be carried out at the clinic in a sterile environment. The equine operating theatre also offers the facilities to administer general anaesthetic where necessary.



Rowe Equine Dental Services

Rowe Equine Dental Services offers a high quality mobile equine dental service to horse and pony owners at a very competitive price. For further information and prices, Click Here.


 Worm Egg Counts and Worming Advice

We offer a Worm Egg Count service, which not only includes the worm egg count but also veterinary advice on a relevant worming plan for your horse and a worming record card. If there are more than 10 horses on the yard to be done, we offer a mobile service whereby we will come to your premises (at no extra cost) and carry out the tests so you get the results there and then.

Worm Egg Counts start from as little as £6 each (10+ horses). 1-4 horses are £8 each and 5-9 horses are £7. Appropriate wormers can be supplied at extra cost (from £6.99). Further information on worm control in your horse can be found here.


Pro-active Health Care

We can advise and help you with maintaining a healthy horse, including advice on diet, feeding, work & exercise. We are also happy to give advice to clients over the telephone and chat about any concerns you may have about your horse. Sometimes this may save you a call out charge if a visit is not absolutely necessary. We sell a range of our own branded supplements aimed at maintaining good health.



Continuity of Care

For routine work and non-emergency appointments, it is always possible to see the vet of your choice. This enables us to offer a very personal service and, more importantly, enables the vets to get to know you and your horse for continuity of care. We have a very small administrative and nursing team back at the Surgery which, again, enables us to get to know you and vice versa.

Whilst we are not part of the Rowe Veterinary Group, our working relationship with them means that we can send prescribed medications and treatments for you to collect from a branch to suit you at a time to suit you. All free of charge. Branches are at Thornbury, Yate and Bradley Stoke.


Supplements & Stable Supplies

We stock a comprehensive range of supplements, both our own Rowe Equine branded supplements and those of Equine America. See the ‘Offers’ page for further details and prices. The Rowe Equine Dental Services van also stocks basic stable supplies such as Equine First Aid Kits, head collars, hay nets, feed buckets, shampoos, grooming kit, fly repellent, horse treats etc. If you see the van out and about, check out what’s inside. It may have just what you need!



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