Rowe Equine Supplements

We sell a wide range of our own branded supplements.

All of our Rowe Equine branded supplements are guaranteed for palatability. Any product which is unpalatable to the horse/pony is 100% guaranteed and will be replaced free of charge.

Furthermore, all of the Rowe Equine branded supplements (with the exception of Muscle Extra) are Certified for Equestrian Sports  in that they are guaranteed free of prohibited substances.

Joint Supplement: One of our best selling products, the Rowe Equine Joint Supplement is a  concentrated veterinary strength mobility supplement, combining the nutritional benefits of Glucosamine HCI, Chondroitin Sulphate and MSM. Fed as recommended it will enhance the level of glycosaminoglycans, the building blocks of the cartilage matrix, in the joint.




Multi-vitamin Supplement: Formulated to provide a supplementary source of vitamins and trace elements to all performance and competition horses and ponies. It is particularly suitable for horses on pasture, horses being fed just grain and hay or for horses recovering from an illness. A special feature is it’s suitability for feeding to horses and ponies with a low sugar tolerance.



Electrolyte Extra: A complementary balanced powder electrolyte for horses for the compensation of electrolyte loss in cases of heaving sweating. Formulated to include Sodium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Calcium Carbonate and Magnesium Sulphate Heptahydrate.




Probiotic Powder: A nutritional supplement containing probiotics and prebiotics promoting digestive and gastric health. Can be used during diarrhoea, following deworming, digestive disorders and either before or after antibiotic treatment or at times of stress. It is mint flavoured and highly palatable, in contrast with some other probiotics on the market.



Probiotic Paste: A highly concentrated equine nutritional supplement promoting digestive and gastric health. It is convenient to feed and may be used during diarrhoea, following deworming, digestive disorders and either before or after antibiotic treatment.




Hoof Supplement: A superior feed supplement for horses with poor hoof condition. It contains high levels of Biotin and provides all the nutrients necessary to protect and nourish every layer within the hoof horn. Guaranteed customer satisfaction when horses are taken through the full recommended 150 day course.




Haemo-tonic: A highly absorbable and extremely palatable Iron, B-complex and Cobalt-enriched syrup on a sorbitol base. Recommended for performance horses, Haemo-tonic will also act as an exceptional pick-me-up for post viral uses and post-operative cases where horses may have lost appetite or which have poor overall condition. High levels of vitamin B12 ensure red blood cell formation is, and important metabolic functions are, maintained.



Liver Tonic: Supports liver function by helping to reduce the number of blood enzymes and increasing blood glucose levels, assisting maximum performance. As well as essential B-vitamins & Vitamin E, the Liver Tonic includes generous levels of Milk Thistle, an ingredient widely used to support liver function.



Liver Supplement: A convenient powder nutritional supplement specially formulated to aid and support healthy liver function in horses.





Gastric Ulcer Supplement: A unique supplement for daily feeding to horses prone to gastric disturbances. It assists in maintaining optimum gut health and function, allowing maximum utilisation of feed. A formulation of prebiotics, amino acids, sodium algenate and specific minerals necessary to aid the recovery and maintenance of a healthy digestive tract.



Gastric Ulcer Paste: Should be used in conjunction with the Gastric Ulcer supplement. This convenient paste formulation also contains slippery Elm which is exceptionally good at soothing and reducing inflammation and irritation in the digestive system. It also contains high levels of prebiotics and ever important amino acids for the repair of epithelial cells, the essential cells used to absorb nutrients in the gut. This product will greatly assist any horses suffering from gastric problems seen by weight loss, cribbing habits, poor performance or lack of appetite. NB. Severe cases of ulceration may require medical treatment and this paste is not a substitute for this.



Xtra-Muscle: is a supplementary source of concentrated gamma oryzanol naturally containing tocotrienols and tocopherols to support muscle development and growth. It also enhances the metabolism of stored fat for conversion to lean muscle. Xtra-Muscle can be used prior to training and in regeneration periods. For best results it is recommended to feed 15ml once daily over a period of 2 months. NOTE: This product is NOT guaranteed free of naturally occurring prohibited substances and may contravene the rules of equestrian competition. We recommend consultation with your governing body.


Other Supplements (not Rowe Equine branded)



B-Vitamin/Shy Feeder: This is a syrup based B-vitamin supplement suitable for fussy feeders, horses in competition or training, mares & foals and nervous horses. B-vitamins help optimize and regulate energy release from feed. The sweet syrup base is particularly palatable and the additional B vitamins promote good appetite and well-being.



Airvent: A vapour releasing syrup to open up airways for easier breathing. Suitable for all horses including youngstock. It combines soothing honey, immune boosting vitamin C and a powerful blend of decongesting aromatic oils including eucalyptus to clear airways and ease breathing. Airvent also supplies all your horse’s daily vitamin C supplementary requirements.



Azodine: Azodine is used for the management of exertional rhadbomyolysis (“tying up”) in horses. Exertional rhadbomyolysis is a fairly common condition in horses, which may occur in all classes of horses and at any age, but particularly in horses that are in high performance disciplines. An electrolyte imbalance may be a trigger factor for some cases, particularly those which are prone to recurrent bouts of azoturia. Azodine as an aid in the management of azoturia and has been scientifically formulated to ensure the correct balance of calcium and sodium in the majority of situations.


Equine America: We stock a number of Equine America products at competitive prices so please call today to find out more about the Equine America Range at Rowe Equine.