Equine Health Plan – Save 20%

The aim of this Plan is to provide a complete package of veterinary care for your horse at an affordable price. It includes all aspects of routine annual veterinary care, giving you peace of mind that all your horse needs is covered and allows you to spread the cost over the whole year.

Included in the plan:

1x visit, annual vaccination and health check

2x Equest Pramox wormers

3x worm egg counts

1x visit & 6 monthly health check

1x teeth rasp (excludes sedation if required)

This includes all routine treatment your horse should need for 12 months good health. Your twice yearly health examination will include checks on your horses’ eyes, teeth, heart and lungs and skin condition. We will also weigh (using a weight tape) and condition score your horse allowing you to dose medication and wormer correctly and keep track of their weight, helping to prevent many serious diseases.

The total cost of theses services individually comes to £261.99

On the health plan you pay £17.50 a month, a total of £210.00 a year.

This is a discount of £52.00 a year- a saving of 20%!

That’s just 57p per day for peace of mind for the year!

If you have more than one horse, your additional horses can join the plan at £13 per month each as long as they are all kept at the same yard.

For Terms and Conditions and Registration Form Click Here.

NB: Should your horse(s) need to restart a course of vaccinations (if their annual one is out of date or it is their first course), the cost per month is £23 (£18.50 for additional horses restarting). After 12 months, the cost will revert to £17.50 (£13 for additional horses). For further details please contact the clinic on 01453 844337.